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Secret The secret story behind development

Quickly absorbs even thick menstrual fluid!
The SOFY Hadaomoi® Series is Renewed

Comments from the developer of the new SOFY Hadaomoi®

The SOFY Hadaomoi® Series, which is loved by many women, is new and improved this fall! The developer talks about differences with the previous SOFY Hadaomoi®, product features, the path to perfecting the product, and his feelings about it.

Yuki Noda

Manager, Product Development Division, Global Development Head Office

Career: He has been involved in sanitary pads since joining Unicharm! Of course, he has been in charge of development since we first introduced SOFY Hadaomoi<sup>®</sup>
. Presently, he is engaged in developing feminine care products that include those for overseas markets.

The answer derived in pursuit of even greater gentleness to the skin

― Please tell us about the features of the new and improved SOFY Hadaomoi®, including differences with the previous product.

“The greatest feature is a patented technology unique to Unicharm

that breaks down and absorbs thick menstrual fluid.”

That is what differs from the previous SOFY Hadaomoi®. The greatest feature of this product being released is the inclusion of a special sheet that absorbs even thick menstrual blood. Pads until now were unable to absorb menstrual blood that is quite thick, and it remained on the surface of the pad.

That caused skin irritation and discomfort. Now, applying the “quick-clean mist” to the surface of the pad, which is a technology unique to Unicharm, breaks down and absorbs thick menstrual blood. Plus, by placing special holes on the pad’s surface, we succeeded in eliminating 70% of the sticky feel that remains after absorption. In other words, even when the pad is used for several hours, it stays dry.

*Extremely thick menstrual blood containing clots cannot be absorbed.

― The previous SOFY Hadaomoi® products also strove for gentleness to the skin, but now it’s become even more gentle, right?

“We want women to experience the best feel on their skin. You’ll understand just how gentle it is once you touch it.”

I think that eliminating the thick menstrual fluid that remains on the pad’s surface will reduce skin irritation. In addition, the surface is made from smooth fibers, so the feel on the skin is particularly improved. If you actually touch it, you’ll immediately understand the difference. The fibers are thinner than the ones previously used, which is the secret behind the improved silky feel. We want women to be sure to experience the best texture.

Features a small, "happy heart" design

― The heart-shaped stitching on the surface that is visible as soon as the package is opened is quite cute. Is that also one of the key improvements?

“Of course, we were particular about function, but we were also meticulous about design because we want to help women during menstruation.”

The product is used by women, so we took everything into consideration, from function to design. It is precisely because women tend to feel a little down during menstruation that we put heart-shaped stitching on the surface of the pad and a heart print on the back to give women even a little comfort. We hope that it will help women feel just a little bit more cheerful.

We want to bring the fruits of the meticulousness and endeavors of the development team to many women.

― Did you have difficulty with anything in development?

“It took about 10 years to achieve both protection against thick menstrual blood and a gentle texture.”

We had the most difficulty with achieving both the “breakdown and absorption of thick menstrual fluid” and a “pleasant texture on the skin.” Previous technologies could only resolve the problem of the thick menstrual blood by sacrificing gentleness. However, as a product gentle to the skin, a key point was to never give up on texture. We developed the “sheet that breaks down and absorbs thick menstrual blood” over a period of approximately 10 years, and with that were able to realize both sides of the equation simultaneously.

― What kind of women do you hope will use it?

“We hope that women who have trouble with pads or are dissatisfied with them will try using it.”

Of course, we would like all women to use it, but first we want women who have some kind of trouble with pads to give it a try. It absorbs even thick menstrual blood, so it has extremely good absorbency. I think that if you try it once, you’ll realize that it’s totally different from the pads you’ve tried before. Women who have such worries should absolutely give it a try. The two types, SOFY Hadaomoi® and SOFY Hadaomoi® Ultra Thin Slim have been renewed.

Women should use them for different purposes depending on menstrual flow and their plans for the day.

*Extremely thick menstrual blood containing clots cannot be absorbed. *Previous Unicharm products

  • Recommended for women with the following concerns.

Women worried about thick menstrual flow

Women worried about skin irritation during menstruation

Women who can’t change their pad for several hours

Women worried about leaks when they can’t change their pad

We hope to help keep women of the world smiling by continuing to make advances.

― As a developer, please tell us about future goals and issues.

“I hope to continue helping make advances in pads by responding to women’s opinions.”

The performance of pads is improving each year. I don’t feel that this is the end. I want to pick up on troubles that women have yet to voice and create products that address them. I’ll continue to push forward with research and development that are the first to satisfy needs and put smiles on the faces of women around the world.

― Finally, is there something that as a developer that you aim for?

“I want to give form to women’s wishes from an objective perspective unique to a man.”

I always aim to do my job from the consumer’s perspective. Though I’m a man, I have to try hard to the best of my abilities to become a woman (laughs). In fact, I look at women’s magazines so that I can understand women’s emotions and go to apparel shops and lingerie stores (with my wife) for the purpose of studying trends. It is precisely because I’m a man that I can objectively look at women, and that is one of my strengths, I think. I wish that the world would become more interested in sanitary pads, which are used on an area of the body that is more delicate than the face.