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  3. SOFY Hadaomoi® Pantyliners
  4. Contains 100% natural cotton

Hadaomoi Pantyliners


Contains 100% natural cotton

Size 14cm

Airy and soft cotton sheet is gentle to sensitive skin and prevents irritation.

*Skin that easily develops a rash because of discharge.


Stays dry for a long time!


Prevents dampness and irritation!

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It’s gentle to the skin, so you can feel relaxed.

1Stays dry for a long time!

100% natural cotton is used for areas that touch the skin. Its wavy shape reduces those areas touching the skin, so it stays dry.


3Prevents dampness and irritation!


The airy cushion layer serves as a pump to circulate the air and achieves the highest air permeability together with the first, full non-woven back sheet in Japan!*2 So it prevents dampness and irritation!

*2 Among major pantyliners available in Japan, Survey by Unicharm in July 2018.

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