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Kiyora Premium Fragrance


Premium Fragrance®
Elegant Rose Fragrance

Size 14cm

Turkish elegant rose fragrance

Uses rose oil extracted from roses hand-picked one by one in Turkey, home of high-class roses. The elegant, feminine fragrance elicits a sense of calm.


Odor Masking


Fragrance that lasts.


Quick-acting and comfortable sheet.


Design for "a little happiness every day".

Product Image

1Odor Masking

Contains new components to reduce distressing odors and bring out the fragrance. Enjoy the long-lasting, high-class fresh fragrance.

2Fragrance that lasts.

The fragrance is suffused deep within the sheet, so it lasts even longer.

3Quick-acting and comfortable sheet.

The three-dimensional surface quickly draws in discharge and perspiration to reduce stickiness.

Your skin and underwear stay clean.

The entire surface is a breathable sheet that prevents stuffiness.

4Design for "a little happiness every day".

The cute flower design is featured on individual wrappers.

For a little happiness every day, put it in the corner of your closet or in your purse.

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