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The secret story behind the creation of the fragrance

Key points behind the creation of the SOFY Kiyora fragrances
Striving for high-quality, multifunctional fragrances not found anywhere else

The secret behind the creation of the fragrance

The high-quality fragrances of the new “Kiyora Fragrance” pantyliners were created through joint development with a perfumer. Be sure to experience the new, select blends of Kiyora fragrances.

Do you know what a perfumer does?

A perfumer is an aroma specialist who distinguishes between approximately 2000 different fragrances and blends them to create new fragrances. Creating an aroma that matches a theme and image requires not only technique and experience, but also imagination and the ability to read trends.

In pursuit of a high-quality fragrance akin to a perfume, Unicharm asked a veteran perfumer, who has soothed people with aromas and been involved in the product development of various fragrances, to jointly develop the new Kiyora fragrances.

Fields such as aromatherapy have made it widely known that fragrances are directly delivered to the brain and affect mood. Therefore, the development of the new fragrances for Kiyora was based on the concept of fragrances that would impact mood, in addition to being a high-quality fragrance akin to a perfume. Furthermore, unprecedented“multifunctional fragrances”were developed while simultaneously seeking a mitigating effect against discharge odor.

“To tell the truth, I was hesitant when I heard the request,” says the perfumer.

That was the start of a months-long search for fragrances. The vision for the fragrances had 3 themes—relaxing, gorgeous, and refreshing. Research was conducted on fragrances that would impact mood.

After repeated steady efforts, including analyzing the fragrances of overseas pantyliners and breaking down individual product fragrances from Japan to understand trends, approximately 50–60 aromas were blended for a single product. Fragrances appropriate for Kiyora were born as a result of trial and error.

Moreover, in the spring of 2013, a fragrance was created based on the keywords “clear” and “clean,” and in the spring of 2014, a fragrance was created based on the keyword, “relaxing.”

Thus, joint development with the perfumer led to…

5 different fragrances for Kiyora.

High-quality fragrances were crafted based on floral aromas that reflect recent trends.

  • The sweet, floral gentle-rose fragrance, which blends rose and lily, induces calmness and a gentle feeling.
  • The luxurious ylang-ylang fragrance, which exudes the elegant and refined aroma of Bulgaria rose combined with a raspberry fragrance, induces a gorgeous, romantic feeling.
  • Based on refreshing citrus fruits and a clean lily of the valley aroma, the refreshing green fragrance emits fresh herb essence to induce a refined, refreshing emotion.
  • The clean white floral fragrance, which gives off a fresh jasmine and gentle white floral aroma, induces a neat, clean feeling.
  • The relaxing floral musk fragrance, which blends a floral aroma based on subtle rose and iris with a powdery aroma, induces a soothing feeling.

Kiyora fragrances are just like perfumes and contain a refreshing effect that can change and uplift your mood, as well as a mitigating effect that subdues worrisome odor from discharge…be sure to experience for yourself these pantyliner fragrances carefully crafted by a perfumer that have never before been available!