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  3. SOFY Body Fit®
  4. Super Night Guard With Wings 29cm

Body Fit



Super Night Guard
Night time
With Wings 29cm

Usage Night time
Wings With Wings
Thickness Regular
Size 29cm
Material Feels like cotton (Does not contain cotton.)

No matter how you roll over, no deform, no leakage.

The Double Barrier Lines prevent leaks in any direction.

①Double barrier line②Center fit zone③Absorbent top sheet. ①Double barrier line②Center fit zone③Absorbent top sheet.

1Double barrier line

Solid prevention of leaks in any direction.

Center fit zone. Fits gently against your skin to prevent gaps, so you won’t worry over leaks.

2Center fit zone

Even when you turn over in bed, the pad will fit in the gaps without being deformed, so no fears of leakage.

3Absorbent top sheet.

Quickly draws in and absorbs menstrual fluid to prevent it from spreading.

429cm for heavy menstrual flow. Secure feeling with a pad long enough to cover your hips.

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