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Sofy Ultra-perfect FIT

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Perfect fit avoids leakage♪ 3 SECRET


SOFY underwear No-Leak design of "Ultra-perfect FIT construction"


A 2-layer construction for tucking in wings.


Soiled areas easily wash clean, making laundry a breeze.

Product Image

1SOFY underwear No-Leak design of "Ultra-perfect FIT construction"

Due to having construction of having a perfect fit when pulling up the pad, avoids leakage!

2A 2-layer construction for tucking in wings.

Having feeling of security with no worries about the wing of the napkin showing from the underwear or clothes getting dirty. Can be worn with wing type pads.

3Soiled areas easily wash clean, making laundry a breeze.

User’s Voices

Safety FIT (Feeling secure type)

They have a great fit and are stretchy, so they were easy to move in. I wish I had found these earlier!

(Hyogo Prefecture, 26 yrs. old, company employee)

They’re really comfortable and easy to wear. I can spend the day feeling at ease.

(Tokyo, 52 yrs. old, company employee)

They don’t leak even when I have a heavy menstrual flow and fit well, so I feel secure.

(Aichi Prefecture, 44 yrs. old, homemaker)

The fit feels comfortable, and though they fit well there’s no stuffiness, so I spent my period feeling comfortable.

(Nara Prefecture, 36 yrs. old, company employee)

Breathability and stretch are excellent, and they feel as if they fit, so they’re comfortable. They work with winged pads and there are no worries about them being seen or soiling my clothes. I’m not concerned when I move, so I feel that they’re a really good product. Even on heavy days, I didn’t worry as much about leaks.

(Fukushima Prefecture, 39 yrs. old, homemaker)

Night FIT (Feeling secure type)

Even if I move around a lot during sleep, there are no leaks! They’re great!!

(Hyogo Prefecture, 28 yrs. old, homemaker)

The fit is the best, and even when I feel worried at night because of a heavy menstrual flow, there are no back leaks that I always worry about.

(Chiba Prefecture, 28 yrs. old, part-time employee)

The fit is awesome ♪ There are no worries about leaks☆ I wear them not only at night, but also during the day!

(Tochigi Prefecture, 29 yrs. old, company employee)

They fit snugly, and I feel very relaxed even if I turn over in my sleep. Before, I made sure I didn’t turn over in my sleep, but after wearing SOFY Night FIT, I’m able to get a good night’s sleep.

(Gifu Prefecture, 46 yrs. old, company employee)

They eliminate nighttime worries! They fit well and there are no concerns over back leaks. They can be used with winged pads, so there’s no worry about getting my outer clothes soiled.

(Okayama Prefecture, 37 yrs. old, company employee)

*From a questionnaire implemented from March 2–April 1, 2010 given to satisfied users of SOFY FIT Panties.

*The comments from satisfied users are remarks about SOFY Night FIT Night Blue.

Comments from product testers

casual FIT (Cotton type)

When it comes to panties to wear during your period, the focus has been on performance and there were few attractive underwear, but SOFY Casual FIT has a very cute design that I like ♪ They’re low rise, so I’m glad they don’t easily show and that the boxer type is easy to wear.

(Ko-mama, 20 yrs. old, Hokkaido)

It feels as if they fit really well. They fit well even on days that I move around a lot, so I feel at ease.

(Aikocchi, 30 yrs. old, Hyogo Prefecture)

They have a nice design that takes my mind off my depressed feeling during my period.

(Chappi, 20 yrs. old, Kagoshima Prefecture)

They fit really well to my body and are so comfortable that I almost forget I’m wearing them.

(m*R, 20 yrs. old, Hyogo Prefecture)

I usually wear boxer-type underwear because I like them, but these underwear were comfortable to wear and fit well, so I was really pleased.

(Aju, 20 yrs. old, Chiba Prefecture)

They look cute! At a glance, the design doesn’t look like underwear to wear during your period, so I was happy.

(Furasuko, 30 yrs. old, Nagano Prefecture)

Natural FIT (Cotton type)

Compared to the underwear I’m using now, they’re not as trying to wear or as loose. They fit just right, so they felt really good to wear, so much so that I forgot I was wearing underwear meant for use during your period.

(Saorin, 20 yrs. old, Fukuoka Prefecture)

They feel very nice on my skin and I could wear them comfortably.

(Ryuka, 30 yrs. old, Saitama Prefecture)

They feel super comfortable, and the gathers that fit to the shape of my bottom are very easy to use. They paired perfectly with pads. They didn’t shift and alleviated my discomfort.


Elegant FIT (Design type)

The material is quite stretchy and fits nicely to my body, so they felt good to wear. They have lace, so they didn’t show under my clothes, which was good. The underwear fits snugly along my bottom cleavage, so even when I wore a pad there were no gaps between the pad and my skin. I have heavy periods, but there were no side leaks, so I was thrilled!

(Ayuchin, 30 yrs. old, Aichi Prefecture)

They fit fairly well, don’t show under clothes because of the lace on the bottom, and were comfortable.

(Sakura, 30 yrs. old, Niigata Prefecture)

They felt comfortable to wear and fit my body, so I felt at ease. The design is great, so I don’t care if they’re seen, which makes me happy.

(Paru, 30 yrs. old, Osaka Prefecture)

*The comments were received from product testers selected to participate in a call to provide remarks for the “SOFY FIT Shorts New Product Monitor Recruitment” (March to April 2010).

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