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Sofy Delicate Wet Wipes

SOFY Delicate Wet Wipes SOFY Delicate Wet Wipes

Refreshingly clean for a just-washed feeling

The wet wipes easily wipe away hard-to-clean areas to prevent the source of odors.


While I was away from home I could completely wipe away unpleasant dampness and soiled areas. It felt good to maintain a pleasant feeling like I had just showered. Also, the single-use pack is convenient to carry and easy to use.

(Kanagawa Prefecture, 33 yrs. old)

This looks like it’s going to be handy for unpleasant times like when I can’t take a shower right away. It’s really great that you can also easily flush it down the toilet. It’s also nice because the compact size fits into a small bag.

(Miyagi Prefecture, 32 yrs. old)

I feel uneasy about using the bidet outside of my home for hygienic reasons, so I don’t like using them. These are really convenient at such times.

(Kyoto Prefecture, 30 yrs. old)

I don’t have a bidet at home, but these make me feel clean as if I’ve just washed, so they’re great. You can’t get that clean feeling just with toilet paper.

(Aomori Prefecture, 34 yrs. old)

Using them gives a clean, refreshing feeling. The material is substantial, so wiping with them doesn’t rip or turn them ragged so that I end up touching my skin. They’re easy to remove from the package and carry. Being flushable is convenient.

(Osaka Prefecture, 27 yrs. old)

The sheet thickness and softness is just right. The sheet size, compactness, and number are small so they’re convenient for taking with you. I like them. It’s a really good product.

(Shizuoka Prefecture, 38 yrs. old)

Until now, I’d used wet tissues in the summer when I felt damp. Wipes with alcohol were irritating, but I didn’t have these. Now I’m glad to have them.

(Aichi Prefecture, 29 yrs. old)

Clinging smells and dampness were refreshingly and cleanly wiped away. It was good because my mood was refreshed. It’s so easy to flush them, and they’re a size that’s easy to carry.

(Ishikawa Prefecture, 29 yrs. old)

They completely eliminate smells and it feels as if I’ve just washed, so I like them ^^ Being able to flush them is also helpful ♪

(Aichi Prefecture, 22 yrs. old)

They’re good because they fit in my pocket, so I can take them with me without others seeing what they are. They truly have a clean feel.

(Saga Prefecture, 38 yrs. old)

I feel anxious about the sound a bidet makes, but these are quiet and clean well, so it’s great. I’m also happy because I can flush them after use.

(Niigata Prefecture, 25 yrs. old)

I was worried about things like irritation, but they’re gentle to use and even after some time passed after use, it didn’t feel strange so I spent the day in comfort. They’re nice.

(Osaka Prefecture, 33 yrs. old)

They’re wonderful because the sheets are large and can be flushed. They’re also good because I can easily take out one sheet at a time.

(Hokkaido, 34 yrs. old)

They don’t sting and wipe cleanly. Plus, they’re flushable! The number of sheets in a pack and the size of the package are just right for carrying with you. It seems nice because they can be hidden in a pocket tissue cover.

(Hyogo Prefecture, 35 yrs. old)

They felt good because I was refreshed after using them. They’re great for using when I don’t feel well and can’t take a bath. Also, the sheets are nice and solid even though they’re flushable. Most flushable type sheets rip when you take them out, but each sheet can be taken out without ripping, so that’s good.

(Hyogo Prefecture, 38 yrs. old)

I’ve been using wet tissues, but they tingle, maybe because of the alcohol. But, these sheets don’t tingle and feel good to use. I could also use them on my bottom, which is great. I’m also happy because they’re flushable.

(Kanagawa Prefecture, 31 yrs. old)

They’re good because they’re easy to use and refreshing. It’s really nice that they can be flushed! They’re not bulky and easy to carry, so they seem convenient.

(Osaka Prefecture, 38 yrs. old)

*Results of a questionnaire given to 343 SOFY Club members who were product testers (implemented from February 21–March 6, 2014).

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