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Chojyukusui Shorts



Chojyukusui® Shorts
(size S)

Usage Nighttime Use for Especially Heavy Menstrual Flow
Size size S(Hip:82~90cm)
Type Shorts-shaped pad

The ultimate reassurance for no leaks just by wearing it!

A pad and shorts are integrated! Proposing a "new style of wearing a pad".

1The shorts-shaped pad provides reassurance of preventing mispositioning and leaks.

All-round protection from hip to waist, reassuring no leaks on your back.

Besides, fitting gathers prevent side leaks!

2Comfort like being wrapped around

Belly and waist are covered by soft and stretchable material, providing comfortable use.

Amazing breathability.

3Perfectly fit silhouette

A stylish shape fits well.

4The absorber is illustrated with starry sky design★

A little bit more happiness even during a period♪

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