SOFY Synchro Fit


Q How do I check whether I’ve positioned it correctly?

A If the menstrual fluid has been absorbed in the center when you remove it, then it is in the correct position.

Q Won’t it shift or come off while I’m using it?

A If you can position it correctly, then it won’t shift or come off due to everyday movements. Read the “Instructions for Use” that is included with the product.

Q The packages say "Daytime Use for Heavy Menstrual Flow" or "Daytime Use for Especially Heavy Menstrual Flow," but can I use it on days other than heavy menstrual flow?

A Basically, it can be used anytime during your period, but it should be first used on a day with heavy menstrual flow. When you use it on a heavy-flow day, it quickly conforms to your body and you won’t feel so much that it’s there.

Q Do I have to use it with a pad?

A Always use it with a pad. Synchro Fit provides absorption, so we recommend using it together with a slim-type pad. If the pad is still clean, then you only have to change Synchro Fit.
*Do not use this product alone. Always use it together with a Sofy pad.

Q If it can be disposed of in a flush toilet, won’t it melt while I’m using it?

A Rather than “melt” in water, it is made to “disintegrate” due to water pressure. It won’t fall apart or melt during use, so you can use it worry free.

Q Won’t it clog the toilet?

A Tests were conducted by a third party confirming that it won’t clog the toilet or affect the septic tank. Be sure to flush only one Synchro Fit at a time so you can used it without worrying about causing problems with the toilet. In addition, if your family uses particular water-saving practices (such as placing plastic bottles in the water tank), to be safe, dispose of Synchro Fit the same way you throw away pads, without flushing it down the toilet.

Q Has the product changed since it was sold in the previous package?

A The product package and instructions have changed. However, the product has not changed, so the manner of use is the same as before.