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Cautions about usage

Dos and Don’ts

  1. Don't use the product, if you have experienced toxic shock syndrome (TSS) in the past. In very rare cases, it can potentially cause serious symptoms. It is crucial to detect the symptoms early on and receive suitable treatment.
  2. Stop using the product if you are suffering from a urinary system/gynecological disease.
  3. Never keep a menstrual cup inserted inside for 8 or more consecutive hours.
  4. Consult a medical specialist if you intend to use the cup during your first period after childbirth.

Consult a medical specialist

There is a possibility that the symptoms of  toxic shock syndrome (TSS) may appear if you wear a menstrual cup for a prolonged time.

Symptoms include: Sudden high fever, rash/redness, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, mucosal hyperemia and others.

If you develop the symptoms described above, immediately remove your menstrual cup, stop using the device, and consult a medical specialist at a facility such as an obstetrics and gynecology department.


How to store

  • Avoid storing your cup in a place that may make it get wet, where the temperature and humidity are high, and/or where direct sunlight comes in. 
  • Store your cup in a hygienic place and keep it away from children and animals. 
  • Store your cup in the storage pouch that comes with the cup. Avoid storing it in a closed container such as a vinyl bag or a plastic container that can cause mold to grow.

Cautions about usage

Preparation: Sterilize the cup in advance.

Before use: Thoroughly clean your hands. Ensure that the air holes are not clogged.

While wearing a cup: Irrespective of the volume of menstrual blood, be sure to remove and clean your cup every 8 hours. 

When removing the cup: If by any chance you cannot remove your cup, immediately have it removed at an obstetrics and gynecology department or at another relevant medical facility.