Sofy Soft Cup

Q&A Frequently Asked Questions

Using the product

Q I am worried about whether I can use it properly.

A If you read the instructions included with the product, you should be able to use it properly, even if it is your first time. But it will take some time to get used to using it, if you are a first time user. For some, it may take some time before she starts using it with confidence in terms of how to insert and remove and the location of the cup when placed inside. As it is something you can use for a long time, just don't be in a hurry, but take your time to practice using it.

Q How old should I be before starting using it?

A Although you can use it from your very first period, generally, it is advisable that you begin using it once your period becomes regular. Mothers and school nurses are requested to provide guidance when your child/student uses it for the first time.

Q When is a good time to use it?

A You can use it anytime during your period.
*Please refrain from using it for the first 8 weeks after childbirth and during the first period after childbirth.

Q Can I use it when I am not on my period?

A A menstrual cup is for collecting menstrual blood. Do not use it at any time other than during your period. If vaginal discharge bothers you, we recommend that you use a panty liner.

Q Won't it become smelly and stained?

A The color of the cup may turn yellowish after repeated contact with blood, which is not a problem at all. However, if it bothers you, you can replace the cup with a new one.

Inserting the cup

Q Will it hurt when I insert the cup?

A As the mouth of a menstrual cup is wide, if it is not folded properly, you may feel some pain if it gets stuck at the opening of the vagina. When it is placed correctly in your body, you will not experience any odd sensation and can stay comfortable.
When inserting the cup, take a half-crouching position (which makes the insertion easier), ease the tension, and relax. If you are nervous, the muscles in the region stiffen and make the insertion difficult or cause pain.

Q Will it damage my body?

A As it is made with soft materials, the Sofy Soft Cup will not hurt your body. However, it may get caught if your finger nails are long. Therefore, be careful when you insert or remove the product.

Q Is there a risk of it being inserted too far in?

A Since the opening of the cervix located at the top of the vagina is 2–3 mm in diameter, menstrual cups, which have a diameter of 3 cm, cannot go in there. *If it has been up to 6 months since childbirth, the opening of the cervix may be wider. In this case, do not insert the cup farther inside than the guideline recommends.

Q The cup does not open properly when inserted.

A Pull the ring or pinch and twist the bottom of the cup. The cup will open through the force transmitted from the ring. It sometimes opens spontaneously when placed inside. It will become easier to open if you fold only the tip and not the entire cup.
Rest assured, the Sofy Soft Cup will not leak once it expands within the vagina, even if it is not completely open inside.

While wearing the cup

Q Will it fall out if I move?

A When inserted properly, the menstrual cup is securely held in place by the walls of the vagina. Thus, it will not fall out even if you move actively. If by any chance it is not inserted deep enough, it may fall out due to abdominal pressure, etc.

Q Will I experience any pain or discomfort?

A When inserted properly, the menstrual cup can be worn without experiencing any pain or discomfort.

Q How many hours can I wear it for? I am worried that it may leak.

A The maximum amount of menstrual blood that can be collected in a Sofy Cup is 25 ml, which equals to the amount discharged within about 4–8 hours on a heavy day. As there are individual differences, use it for 4–8 hours or less, depending on your flow.

Q What should I do when I use the toilet?

A You can safely use the toilet without removing the cup.

Removing the cup

Q What should I do if I cannot get it out?

A There are two main reasons that can cause the cup to become unremovable.
One is that the menstrual cup has gone too deep inside. When you cannot find it even if you touch the mouth of the vagina, push with the muscles of your lower abdomen and the cup will descend closer to the mouth of the vagina.
The other is that the muscle between the vagina and the coccyx is tense and tightening the cup inside the vagina. In such a case, breathe deeply and relax to ease the tension.
Lastly, if the cup does not come out even when you pull the ring, squeeze the bottom of the cup to let air in and turn it to remove the cup.

Disposal/ How to store

Q Can I dispose of it as burnable garbage ?

A The Sofy Soft Cup is a plastic product. For its disposal, please follow the rules of the municipality you live in.

Q How long will a menstrual cup last?

A You can use a cup for about 3 years. If you are bothered by the smell and stains, please replace it with a new cup earlier.

Q How should I store the cup?

A When you use it for the first time after purchase or when your period is over, please sterilize your menstrual cup in boiling water.
Moreover, after cleaning, dry it and be sure to put it in the pouch that comes with the cup. Avoid wetting it, keeping it in a place with high temperature and humidity, and/or exposing it to direct sunlight. Store it in a box and in a hygienic manner.

Is it true?

Q Can the menstrual cup break the hymen?

A Although the Sofy Soft Cup is about 3–3.5 cm long when folded, it will not harm the folds in the vagina or broaden the vagina if inserted correctly.

Q Will the cup fall out if I strain on the toilet?

A When inserted properly, the menstrual cup is securely held in place by the walls of the vagina. Thus, it will not fall out. If by any chance it is not inserted deep enough, it may fall out due to abdominal pressure, etc.