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Sofy SPORTS - sanitary pad



Nighttime use for heavy menstrual flow
30cm with wings

Usage Nighttime Use for Heavy Menstrual Flow
Wings With Wings
Type Slim type
Size 30cm

Equipped with the latest fitting technology
Surprisingly resilient to mispositioning, Sofy SPORTS

Actually, the main reason for the day-time leakage during menstruation is “mispositioning”. Moreover, approx. 60% of women experience “mispositioning” during menstruation. (*By Unicharm, May 2019).

Developed for those women, Sofy SPORTS is the sanitary product line equipped with the advanced fitting technology, providing resilience to mispositioning.

1.For zero leakage by movements 2.For zero mispositioning by movements 3.Highly adhesive prevention of mispositioning

1For zero leakage by movements

High density, 3D-fitting absorbent absorbs heavy menstrual flow.

No more worries on heavy days.

2For zero mispositioning by movements

The unique, excellent fitting shape prevents mispositioning caused by movements/shocks and maintains the shape of the pad.

3Highly adhesive prevention of mispositioning

※An illustrative image of a 26 cm pad with wings.

Larger wings hold the napkin firmly in place on the shorts, preventing it from mispositioning even during strenuous activities!

4Simple, black design

It's simple design fits you when going out. With the less see-through design, you don't have to worry about when wrapping and discarding the pad.

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